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jrockhighooc's Journal

OOC community for J rock high
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J rock High school OOC

This is the OOC Community for jrockhighschool

Post all your OOC thoughts and questions here.

Also, events, and a list of clubs will posted here. If there is a club you would like that isn’t already mentioned, let me know, and I will add it.

Please request a character here before joining the role play. There is no application process, I just need to keep tracks on everyone ^^

Thank you

Taken characters

L'arc en Ciel

Ken ~ sexykenchan
Sakura ~ sakura_kun
Tetsu ~ tenjou_tetsu
Hyde ~ haidobehind

X Japan

Hide ~ crucifyxmyxlove

Malice mizer

Gackt ~ gacktness
Mana ~ pessimiste_mana

Luna Sea

Sugizo ~ yu_sugihara


Jiro ~ jirochan

Dir en Grey

Kaoru ~ kaoru74
Shinya ~ terachixshinya

Psycho le cemu

Aya ~ magicalprincess


Miyavi ~ miyavi_rock